Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tanda: Pugliese with Jorge Vidal

This tanda has been one of my favorites for a long time, but this is
quite challenging music, and I do not play it often. Here it goes:

Puente AlsinaOsvaldo PuglieseJorge Vidal194965
La cieguitaOsvaldo PuglieseJorge Vidal194963
Ventanita de arrabalOsvaldo PuglieseJorge Vidal195062
Barra queridaOsvaldo PuglieseJorge Vidal195062

Here you can listen to the tanda on Spotify:

Michal Lavokah writes on

In 1949, singer Jorge Vidal was homeless, and sleeping in the back of the bar where he performed. Pugliese discovered him and asked him to join his orchestra. Vidal agreed, but free spirit that he was he stayed only a year before going solo once again. They recorded only eight sides together.

Jorge Vidal (fra todotango)
This tanda, half of what they did together, consists solely of "Guardia Vieja" compositions. "Ventanita de arrabal", for instance, has been recorded by Juan Maglio and Francisco Canaro
(separately, of course) back in 1927. That song forms the climax of the tanda, at least for me, partly due to it's wonderful piano part. Listen to the achingly beautiful piano playing at 2:12:
Right before, the the violins dissolve the music into a moment of absolute tranquility. This is the same way the song introduced the voice of Vidal at 0:49, but this time Pugliese plays the theme pianissimo, almost caressing the keys, before Vidal takes over. Magnificent...

After this intense song, "Barra querida" wraps it up, starting with a more insisting beat. With the whistling (for instance at 0:36), my hope is that this song will restore the happy mood of the evening.

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